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All of my 4 legged pals!!

Fuzzy. His new name is Rebel as he has been adopted. Born May 11th 2003. He is a gelding miniture horse. He is about 1 hour old in this picture. We love him and miss him so much! If I get any pics from the owners of Fuzzys mom I will post them.

This is Chester. He is a Saddle bred. I ride him every once in a while but I have advanced to a different horse named Vanilla. Chester is one of my spoiled rotten babies! I love him to pieces.

This is Eden (Eden Rose is her Show name.) She is my friend Annie's Arabian Mare. I ride Eden for Annie when she doesn't have the time and also she Eden will be excersized and it helps me improve my riding too. She is a lovely, sweet, gentle horse and I think everyone would agree with me a perfect horse to shareboard!!


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