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I love my friends more than I can ever say. They are so wonderful and amazing!! This page is dedicated to them!! I love you guys so much!!!!!!

Heather B. (A.k.a. UrbanFaerie) - A very good friend of mine that worries about me even if I tell her not to! She is so awesome, caring, loving, smart, pretty, and just a great gal to talk to when I'm down. She really boosts my spirits and keeps me going during the times when I just feel like life is pointless and I should give up and end it all. I love you Heather!!
Tami (A.k.a. I love having a social Life) What is there not to say about Tam tam? She is an amazing person and friends. She cares about everyone she meets, even if they try to do something stupid after her only knowing them for a few hours. (wink wink) She is just an all around amazing friend. Krazie, outgoing, fun, inspiring, cool, and well yeah. I Love you so much Tam tam!!
My sweet angel Aine. She died too young as was so amazing. She was always here for me and supportive of me and my lifestyle. She was the best friend anyone could possibly want. Her mum buried her in her favorite place in Ireland. She was only 23 years old. Rest in peace angel. July 4th 1980~January 9th 2003.


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