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I love my family so much. They are too kind to me when they are not being total stupid idiots!!

Amanda Elisabeth (A.k.a. Aliz) - She is one of my two non-biological sisters. She means the whole world to me and is so, so very awesome. She loves horses just as much as I do and we are both completely punk rawkers. It's so great. Love ya Liz!!!
This is James. He is one of my two older non-biological brothers. He is really sweet, kind, caring, funny, and intelligent. He is a marine which would explain all the camo! I love you bro!!
This is Eric. My other non-biological older brother. He is in Korea right now. He's in the Army. He is such an awesome older brother. He is very protectve, sweet, caring, kind, and funny. I love you bro!!


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