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Me As A Boi

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I am a genderqueer, which means I bend all typical gender rules.

I now consider myself transgendered, though I haven't always. I am only out to few people right now and the first time I came out as Transgendered was probably about December of 2002 so I've been living as a boy for over 6 months now. I had realized that I feel like a boy inside (and wished I was male on the outside), and I also realized that I had always felt this way, just not consciously. My whole life I tried to be like a boy, pretend I was a boy, play with the boys, do boy things, and all that. I never ever liked being a girl or a female, but I never knew there was anything I could do about it until I got into the queer community as a teenager. I have since made a big shift in my gender identity, but I'm still debating how much change I want to make to my sex identity. Some of the world sees me as a boy and as male, and I want it that way, but I do not think I will have all the available surgeries to alter my body to legally male. I have accomplished part of the first half the of the battle - changing the way the world sees me - now I'm also working on changing my body to please the most important person in my transition: me.

I have not told my mum that I am transgendered. I have an amazing support system of friends (most of my friends aren't trans), and I'm very lucky to have their unconditional love and support. Many were friends of mine before my transition, so it's especially wonderful having that level of support and love in my life.

My wake up call
I didn't know that I wanted to live as a boy until I was 13 years old. When it finally crossed my mind in November 2002, I automatically knew that it was what I needed to do. Something had clicked. Finally everything in my life started to click and feel real to me. I don't know what did it, what put that thought in my head, but whatever it was, it was the right time. At 12 I realized I was attracted to girls. At 12 1/2 I realized I was very slimly attracted to guys. Finally, at 13, I realized that I hated everything about me, about being a girl, and that I needed to change me into someone I can love and accept. I have some barriers that I can not break, so I have to climb over them one by one. Lucky for me, I have some amazing people helping me at every step along the way.

Me as a boi.
Will update this later.

But am I Transsexual?
This part I will update when I have insight on it.


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