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The info: I'm 14. (June 20th, 1989. Yay Gemini!) light brown hair, blue eyes, 5'2" 1/2. I'm really pale and muscular. All my friends call me Benj because of my physical appearance as punk/Skater and that I love Benji from Good Charlotte. My favorite colors are blue, red, and black. My favorite animal is a horse. I have 2 of my own. Chester and Jackson. Chester is a Saddle bred and he is 8 years old. Jackson is a Standard Bred and he is about 5 now I think. They both act like they are 2 years old. Jackson likes to follow me around the stables while Chester sniffs my pockets and trys to steal treats out of them Cause' he knows I carry stud muffins or apple waffers around all the time while I'm at the barn. Jackson loves Sugar cubes! Everyone knows that I love the number 9 as that is Mia Hamm's number! My goals are to be a vet and a writer. I've grown up in Illinois and moved all over the state. I've traveled all over the US and to Canada and Jamacia. I used to Irish Dance but now I just ride my horses and do gymnastics.

My Personality: I'm not your typical guy. I'm very out-going and can be krazie when with my friends. I'm a trouble maker and like to debate any and everything. I go to Anti-War protests and GLBT rights Protests. I am a GLBT rights acitivst, I am also an activist for Eating Disorder Awareness, Self Injury Awareness, GLBTQA Issues and much more. During my summer breaks I volunteer for Habitat For Humanity or spend all my time at the stables, Gymnastics bootcamp 3 days a week, working on my website, or reading.

I'm a good suck up (teachers, parents, etc) and I always have been. I have a mild tolerance for physical pain. Im more afraid of death than getting hurt.

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